When we finished building our home I would spend a fortune on candles. To me they were the finishing touch to make my home feel all warm and cozy. Guests would often come in and say "Wow I love the way your home smells" "What is that fragrance?"

As a new mum at home with my children all day and working for my husbands business part time - I felt as though I had lost my identity - and I needed to do something for myself. Something that would make me feel proud. But what did I love? What was my passion?

I looked around the room and noticed I was surrounded with candles! This is the moment Kristys Kandle Kompany was born. I took classes - experimented and taught myself the ins-and-outs of what made the perfect candle. I always felt strongly about having homewares seamlessly compliment interiors and home decor - so I decided to use premium high end vessels with no branded logos, in effort to suit any home.

My theory was that the candle was what people would want to display, not necessarily my brand. I started gifting my candles to family and friends, which led to them ordering from me so they could gift to others! 

We are so thrilled you have now come across our little brand of hand poured candles, and we hope that you love them just as much as we love creating them!